Overhead travelling cranes

ABUS overhead travelling cranes lift loads of up to 120 t making them the ideal solution for particularly demanding tasks and large spans. ABUS overhead travelling cranes divide into four distinctive designs to suit different applications and working conditions: Single girder overhead travelling cranes, double girder overhead travelling cranes, underslung overhead travelling cranes, wall travelling cranes and semi-goliath cranes.

Single girder overhead travelling crane
Double girder overhead travelling crane
Underslung overhead travelling crane
Single girder wall travelling crane
Single girder semi-goliath crane


The HB-System is one of the most successful developments in lifting and material handling technology, combining the effectiveness of a stationary hoist with the mobility of an overhead crane, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Double-rail system
Single girder crane EHB
Single girder crane EHB-X
Double girder crane ZHB
Stooled-up double girder crane ZHB-X
Double girder crane ZHB-3
Single girder crane EHB-I
Double girder crane ZHB-I

Jib Cranes

Performing work in teams unites the potentials of individuals to form a strong company. ABUS jib cranes are efficient partners performing their tasks reliably and easing the load on the people who use them. With its comprehensive product range of jib cranes, ABUS offers flexible and cost efficient material handling solutions for any job in the workplace.

ABUS jib cranes can be individually tailored - from the type of mounting or hoist to optional configurations for particular requirements - all produced to ABUS’ high levels of quality.

With the touch of a button, they can handle loads up to 6.3 tonnes precisely and effortlessly - whether mounted on their own pillars or on walls or columns. For loading machines, changing heavy tools or lifting work pieces onto tables for processing - with ABUS jib cranes, the lifting is easier, more efficient and safer.

Pillar jib crane LS
Pillar jib crane LSX
Pillar jib crane VS
Wall jib crane LWX

Lightweight mobile gantry

The ABUS LPK mobile gantry is the economical solution if a permanently installed hoist is not needed but crane usage is often required at several different locations.

Lightweight mobile gantry

Wire rope hoists

ABUS electric wire rope hoists are the core element of our crane systems. They are also the result of many decades of research and development by ABUS. Our wire rope hoists are produced at the ABUS production plants at Gummersbach using the most advanced technology available and continue to bear witness to the reliability, and durability of our products. The SWL range of ABUS electric wire rope hoists extends from 1 t to 120 t. Our customers can choose from a wide range of models depending on application and requirements - starting with the standard wire rope hoist in the lower SWL range up to special crab unit designs incorporating additional features at the higher SWL range. However, all wire rope hoists have these characteristics in common: highest levels of uptime availability and safety within materials handling operations.

Type E – monorail hoist
Type U – monorail hoist with twin trolleys
Type D – standard crab unit
Type DQA – ultra low headroom crab unit
Type Z – twin barrel crab unit

Electric Chain Hoists

Chain hoists in daily use at workstations have to be robust, reliable and low-maintenance.
The ABUCompact range of ABUS electric chain hoists offer solutions for up to 4 t SWL featuring the high build quality for which ABUS is well-known.
The modular design allows a huge range of lifting speeds of up to 20 m/min for hook paths of up to 50 m.

Precision lifting, safety slipping clutch and quick plug-type connectors are as integral a part of the standard configuration as is the tried and tested durable direct control for sizes GM2, GM4 and GM6.

Components & Accessories

End Carriages & Wheel blocks


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