No crane without a hoist – they are the heart of all crane systems.

Our hoists, supported by ABUS quality, can lift both light weights starting at 80 kg using a chain hoist to heavy loads using a wire rope hoist with a load capacity of up to 120 t. In lifting technology, a hoist can be used for both stationary use and in combination with a crane system for area-wide hook coverage.

Wire rope hoists

ABUS electric wire rope hoists are the core element of crane systems.

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Electric Chain Hoists

The outstanding features of the ABUS electric chain hoists are low headroom design, precision lifting as a standard and long service life of the brake linings.

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Components & Accessories

ABUS components and accessories augment your crane system and offer you additional options.

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Electric wire rope hoists

Electric wire rope hoists are the most frequently used hoists for overhead travelling cranes. The single-rail E type trolley from the ABUS hoist range is used for load capacities from 1 t. It is distinguished by a compact construction with favourable installation dimensions. A double-rail D or Z type trolley is used when particularly heavy loads need to be transported - up to 120 t. This enables them, for example, to serve as machine lifters in a printing press production line. However, such a hoist is also suitable for the lifting procedure of sensitive loads – even with long hook paths. For this purpose, the electric wire rope hoists are equipped with more complex electric controls to suit the individual crane application.

With our ABUS electric wire rope hoists, you can choose from a range of hoist designations to accommodate your requirements for load capacity, hoist dimension and lifting height. We offer our standard E type wire rope hoists (up to 16 t), the U type lower flange trolleys (up to 25 t) and S type side-mounted trolleys (up to 10 t) or our D or Z type double-rail trolley (up to 120 t), which have higher load connection points. The 120 t capacity Z type electric wire rope hoist – our largest ABUS hoist – is also manufactured as a standard product – just like all our other wire rope hoists.


Electric chain hoists

The chain hoist is usually used as a lifting device in combination with a workplace crane such as a jib crane, a lightweight mobile gantry (LPK) or a suspended rail system (such as the ABUS HB system). It is the favourable solution for small load capacities ranging from 80 kg to 4 t. The lateral movement of the load is carried out either manually via a push/pull trolley or via a two-speed electric trolley.

In contrast to a wire rope hoist, a chain hoist can also be fixed at one location for stationary use. This is achieved using the suspension bracket supplied as standard (which can be opened on one side) or with a special suspension hook.


Hoists from ABUS Crane Systems

All of our products are Made in Germany. If you need a spare part for your electric chain hoist or electric wire rope hoist, we can supply you with the part – even for older hoist generations – directly from stock at our UK head office or via courier from our manufacturing facility in Germany and can thus ensure fast delivery times.

On request, we will install the spare parts for the hoists for you. Thanks to our repair and maintenance-friendly products, all components are easily accessible and replaceable. The robust, modular and maintenance-friendly design has always been our recipe for user-friendly and compact hoists.

Our lifting products are available with two speeds as standard. On request, the lifting and travelling of the load can also be carried out using inverters for infinitely variable speeds. This is particularly important for applications with sensitive materials.

It goes without saying that all ABUS hoist products are certified according to European standards, rules and regulations.