Wire rope hoists

Type U – monorail hoist with twin trolleys

At a glance
  • SWL range 6.3 t - 25 t.
  • Cross travel trolley with direct drive.
  • No exposed reduction gearing.
  • Load is distributed over 8 wheels.
Type U – monorail hoist with twin trolleys
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The monorail hoist with twin trolleys type U is used for high load capacities and long hook paths. The SWL range extends between 6.3 t and 25 t. The cross travel trolleys feature direct drives without exposed reduction gearing. This lower flange trolley is fitted with 8 wheels for better load distribution. Thus ordinary rolled section beams can be used for monorail track applications. Cranes with higher load capacities yet smaller spans can be designed as single-girder cranes when using the hoist type S. Advantages as to the total investment can be achieved in comparison to the double-girder crane.

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