Materials need to flow and logistical challenges require solving wherever goods are produced: in major producing industries as well as in small workshops. Sometimes our customers have very special transport requirements, for example as a result of their locations or the goods to be transported. ABUS offers each customer tailor-made solutions based on standard cranes and components. The ABUS Overhead travelling cranes with maximum load capacities of up to 120 t provide smooth transportation for large and heavy goods at high level facilitated by ABUS Wire rope hoists, the core elements of crane systems. ABUS Wall and pillar jib cranes take on the task of moving goods of up to 6.3 t closer to the workplace at low level. The ABUS Light crane systems are capable of optimising complex material flow applications. Modular HB systems can be adapted to almost all kinds of spaces and can lift up to 2 t with ABUS electric chain hoists. Our ABUS Electric chain hoists are used in crane systems or in stand-alone, stationary applications and cover lifting capacities between 100 kg and 4 t. Portal cranes round off the ABUS product range: the ABUS Lightweight mobile gantries LPK, very useful for workshop applications for loads of up to 2 t, are easily moved on lockable castors and thus very flexible as well as the Single girder semi-goliath cranes EHPK with SWL of up to 10 t. A huge range of electrical and electronic accessories help to make ABUS cranes and hoists the perfect solution for each individual application.

Overhead travelling cranes

ABUS overhead travelling cranes lift loads of up to 120 tonnes.

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ABUS HB Systems are synonymous with flexible and reliable materials handling solutions.

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Jib Cranes

ABUS jib cranes are particularly flexible workstation cranes.

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Lightweight mobile gantry

ABUS lightweight mobile gantry cranes give your chain hoists mobility.

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