Electric chain hoist


No crane without hoists - they are the heart of all crane systems.

Chain hoists in daily use at workstations have to be robust, reliable and low-maintenance.
The ABUCompact range of ABUS electric chain hoists offer solutions for up to 4 t SWL featuring the high build quality for which ABUS is well-known.
The modular design allows a huge range of lifting speeds of up to 20 m/min for hook paths of up to 50 m.

Precision lifting, safety slipping clutch and quick plug-type connectors are as integral a part of the standard configuration as is the tried and tested durable direct control for sizes GM2, GM4 and GM6.

Chain Hoist ABUCompact GMC

A standard power socket with 230 V suffices for the power supply of the ABUCompact GMC. The GMC is particularly suited to mobile use due to its low weight. The GMC is available with single or double falls and is able to lift loads of up to 125 kg / 250 kg. The lifting speed is infinitely variable. Feasible hook paths reach lengths of up to 20 m / 10 m.

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Chain Hoist ABUCompact GM2

The ABUCompact GM2 is available with 1 or 2 falls. The GM2 lifts loads of up to 320 kg / 630 kg. The hooks paths reach lengths of up to 32 m / 16 m. Different lifting speeds are available depending on the load capacity.

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Chain Hoist ABUCompact GM4

The ABUCompact GM4 is available with 1 or 2 falls. The GM4 lifts loads of up to 630 kg / 1.25 t. The hooks paths reach lengths of up to 50 m / 25 m. Different lifting speeds are available depending on the load capacity.

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Chain Hoist ABUCompact GM6

The ABUCompact GM6 is available with 1 or 2 falls. The GM6 lifts loads of up to 1.25 t / 2.5 t. The hooks paths reach lengths of up to 35 m / 17.5 m. Different lifting speeds are available depending on the load capacity.

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Chain Hoist ABUCompact GM8

The ABUCompact GM8 is available with 1 or 2 falls. The GM8 lifts loads of up to 2 t / 4 t. The hooks paths reach lengths of up to 32 m / 16 m. Different lifting speeds are available depending on the load capacity. The ABUCompact GM8 features a 48V electronic control as standard.

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Additional equipment

A comprehensive selection of additional equipment is available to you.

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What is included with an electric chain hoist?

The electric chain hoists are operated through a pendant control handset and cable, so you are ready to plug in and start work straight away. You will receive your electric chain hoist with a high-tensile galvanised chain with chain container, a hinged and removable suspension bracket and overload protection via a slipping clutch, which is adjustable without having to take the hoist apart (for hoist types GM 2/4/6/8).

The standard equipment includes a safety slipping clutch as reliable protection against overload with minimal wear. The quick plug-type connectors with error-free twist locks enable a fast, easy electrical connection. The specially hardened and galvanized chain is designed as a steel profile chain and has, therefore, a 25% higher load capacity than a comparable round steel chain, which offers additional safety and a longer service life.


How is the electric chain hoist controlled?

The smallest size GMC (operating voltage 230 V) with electronic control lifts the loads using a step-less inverter.

The chain hoist types GM 2/4/6/8 are equipped with contactor control using semiconductor technology which provides 48v low voltage control. These four sizes run at an operating voltage of 380-415 V / 50Hz however special voltages are possible on request.


What performance features does the chain hoist have?

In addition to the five hoist types, various lifting speeds, load capacities and hook paths are available. The electric chain hoists can also be reeved single or twin-fall. With the single-fall chain hoist, the chain runs directly from the lifting unit to the hook. On a double-reeved chain hoist, a pulley is located in the bottom block. The chain runs back to the housing and is attached there. According to the proven principle of the block & tackle, the maximum load capacity is doubled at half the lifting speed. 


Extensive additional equipment complete the electric chain hoists

The chain hoists can travel with manual trolleys (push trolley) or electric trolleys on an I-beam (trolley track). The flange width range for our trolleys is between 42 – 400 mm and they are adjustable to suit your requirements. If more than one chain hoist travels on a beam, special buffers serve as collision protection. At the end of runway, a clamping buffer limits the travel distance.

As standard equipment, the electric chain hoist can be equipped with a radio remote control, which has an effective range up to 50 m. If the electric chain hoist and electric trolley is delivered with a radio remote control, an electric trolley travel limit switch (cross-type limit switch) is also included. It stops the trolley automatically at the end of the working area.

Safety load hooks are available for production areas with the highest safety requirements. The load cannot be unhooked accidentally. When under load, the load hook closes and it can then only be opened by pressing the locking release when the hook is no longer under load.

The electronic hoist limit switch provides additional safety. The freely selectable switching points for a highest and lowest hook position are individually adjustable by the operator via a teach-in button in the pendant control or if required by a separate unit for use only by your maintenance department.  

For the transport of sensitive goods, we recommend our ABULiner frequency converter for an infinitely variable and smooth lifting operation. This makes the exact positioning during difficult assembly and joining processes considerably easier.  

In order to facilitate the connection of underhook equipment, we can also provide our electric hoists with a 5-pole (3/N/PE) power socket. This makes it easy to establish the power supply for an additional device (e.g. vacuum system). 


What lifting technology advantages does an ABUS electric chain hoist offer?

An ABUS electric chain hoist combines many advantages: It impresses with its simple operation, high duty cycle, low dead weight and a high load capacity. Furthermore, the lifting devices are robust, reliable and low-maintenance.

The electric chain hoists are built and tested according to European standards, rules and regulations. They are subject to periodic inspections in accordance with LOLER regulations but they should also be serviced regularly. We will be pleased to carry out both the statutory inspection according to LOLER and also to service the hoist for you so you can benefit from the ABUS 4 Year extended warranty. Please contact our office for further information.

Our series of chain hoists ABUCompact is designed for easy maintenance. When service is needed, for example to replace a worn chain, only a few screws have to be loosened and the chain including the chain guide can be pulled out and replaced with a new one.