Overhead travelling cranes

Underslung overhead travelling crane

At a glance
  • SWL up to 8 t.
  • Spans up to 25m (SWL dependent).
  • Crane track suspended from ceiling.
  • Ideal for low buildings and complex building conditions.
  • Optimal side approach dimensions maximise available building width.
Underslung overhead travelling crane
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Complex building conditions require specialised solutions, easily realised with ABUS underslung overhead travelling cranes. The gantry tracks are fitted to ceilings rather than free-standing or building columns. Thus best possible results are achieved even in tight spaces and difficult conditions.

ABUS underslung overhead travelling cranes make optimal use of the available building width by featuring very small side approach dimensions and bespoke main girder cantilevers. It is also possible to optimise the highest hook position by stooling up the main girder between end carriages.

ABUS underslung overhead travelling cranes offer load capacities of up to 8 t and spans of up to 25 m. The design versions DLVM and EDL feature rolled section girders. EDKs are designed with torsion resistant welded box girders. A comprehensive programme of accessories and components is also available for ABUS underslung overhead travelling cranes.

This product in action

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