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Single girder overhead travelling crane

At a glance

  • SWL up to 16 t.
  • Spans up to 39 m (SWL dependent).
  • Optimised headroom via main girder connection variants.
  • Highest possible hook position can be achieved.
  • Intelligent functions—an option with the crane control ABUControl
Figure ABUS single girder overhead travelling crane
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The ABUS single girder travelling crane is our flexible crane for almost any application. Even in buildings with low ceilings effective material flow solutions can be achieved for loads of up to 16 t and spans of up to 39 m. Normally safety clearances below ceilings are not required for single girder cranes within this load range. This allows the optimal use of existing space or can save additional building height costs.

The ABUS single girder travelling cranes adapt to different building applications due to their various main girder connection variants. Favourable crane dimensions help to reach optimal highest hook positions. The main girder connection ‘version 3’ is the optimal solution for new factory buildings as this version offers the best side approach dimensions. If lifting height is the decisive factor then a single girder crane ELS with side-running trolley is the right choice.

The single-girder travelling crane is also a good choice for special solutions: The ABUS accessories and components offer specialised additional equipment to satisfy your requirements.

Robust rolled section girders form the crane girder of the ABUS single girder travelling crane ELV whereas ABUS single girder travelling cranes ELK and ELS consist of torsion resistant welded box girders.