ABUS EOT Crane for new production facility at Finnish Metal Manufacturer Konepaja Enne Oy

Konepaja Enne Oy (www.konepajaenne.fi) is part of Finland’s one hundred years of industrial history. Konepaja Enne is a family-owned company established in 1954 in Tampere, located in the southwestern part of the country. Konepaja Enne Oy has grown from being a manufacturer of roof sheet metal products to manufacturing heavy sheet metal products and large highly complex machined components. The company is in its second generation of family ownership and is a valued parts manufacturing partner for several equipment manufacturers who operate on international markets.

Massive Huge scale production equipment in the workshops enables the production of diverse product ranges and flexible services. The machining capacity of the workshops is for objects of up to 14 m long and 5.5 m wide. In addition, a 1,500 tonnes bending machine effectively modifies thick sheets of up to 150 mm.

25 cranes at all stages of metal production at Konepaja Enne Oy in Finland ABUS cranes part of efficient material flow and production in Finland Double girder travelling crane that can lift loads up to 10 m height for company in Finland Employee operates chain hoist in Finnish company Konepaja Enne Oy Travelling cranes and wall jib cranes for medium duty applications Travelling cranes for production of various product pallets in company Konnepaja Enne Oy Active double girder travelling crane in production hall of Konepaja Enne Oy in Finland Double girder travelling crane lifts sheet metal product from Finnish company Employee of the company Konepaja Enne Oy controls crane by radio remote control Wall jib cranes and single girder travelling cranes with electric travelling hoists Double girder travelling crane with load capacity of 25 t each at metal manufacturer's plant Double girder travelling crane with two wire rope hoists in new hall in Finland

The majority of Konepaja’s products is exported. Konepaja Enne’s customers appreciate its fast delivery times and the high quality of its products. ABUS cranes are an important part of the efficient material flow and production. Currently, Konepaja Enne has 25 cranes in operation. Reliable and safe cranes play a key role in moving large and complex objects. Hence, cranes and hoists are required in almost every phase of work in the workshop.

Crane operators at Konepaja Enne value the reliability, easy maintenance and user-friendliness of the different ABUS cranes, whether they use one of the seven VW wall jib cranes with a load capacity of 2 t, all equipped with electrical hoist travel and slewing drive or one of the two ELV single girder overhead travelling cranes which feature a SWL of 4 t. Lifting equipment used in the manufacturing process is completed by two D-type wire rope hoists with a load capacity of 10 t and one of 13.5 t. This double rail trolley type D is the ABUS standard compact hoist for medium sized load applications of up to 63 t.

In spring 2017, the company’s Managing Director Pekka Enne decided to expand the production facilities to a new property where the welding of stainless steel and heavy sheeting products will be centralised. The new production facility required 50 t of lifting capacity and a lifting height of 10 m. Konepaja Enne chose an ABUS ZLK double girder overhead travelling crane with two wire rope hoists with a load capacity of 25 t each. The crane’s span is 13,640 mm.

The use of the crane in installation work has been made safe and easy for users through the crane’s double-speed function. Crane lifting speeds of 0.7 m / min or 7 m / min make it possible for crane operators to carry out precision lifting safely. The crane’s long travelling speed of 7.5 m / min or 30 m / min make the use of the crane efficient in the new production facility. The crane is operated by radio remote control which enables the user to move the load from the safest available standing position which offers the best overview. The use of one or the other of the hoists or their operation together is controlled via this radio remote control unit. An ABUS overload protection makes sure that the total load of both hoists is limited to 50,000 kg. The new crane was sold by KP ServicePartner (www.kp-servicepartner.com), the partner of ABUS Kransysteme in Finland, and installed by KP ServicePartner’s local partner Jorpa Oy.

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