So much more than a mere product – solutions for the internal transport of loads

Brazil – a country on the up

Imagine a country the size of a continent that only opened up its market for imported products as recently as twenty years ago: that is Brazil, a country that has reached the status of being the biggest economy in Latin America despite its fairly recent history. Yet it is a country with a great disequilibrium as to the industrial development in the different regions.
Most companies in this huge country are small or middle sized companies yet the investment of foreign companies has increased considerably during recent years. Many companies are starting to modernise only now. Supporting them in this process is the company Eidt-Ciriex (, situated in Porto Alegre, by offering technical assistance to optimise manufacturing processes as well as using available resources more efficiently. Eidt-Ciriex has been the distributor for ABUS Kransysteme GmbH for more than twenty years.

Crane with trolley in a production hall in Brazilian company for internal transport of loads Crane with trolley in a production hall in Brazilian company for internal transport of loads Overhead travelling crane with lifting capacity of 20 t and 6.3 t are used for construction of internal transport of the company Eidt-Ciriex Building of the Eidt-Ciriex company near Porto Alegre in Brazil Crane is used as a hoist for lifting components of the company Eidt-Ciriex

ABUS cranes at Semage – a contractor for industrial maintenance

The company Semage Manutenção Industrial Ltda. ( in Curitiba, the south-easterly tip of Brazil, has been offering services for more than 25 years. Semage is present in several areas of industrial maintenance specialising in all-in-one solutions when it comes to repair huge motors or low, medium, and high voltage generators. When Semage encountered logistical problems when they tried to optimise the internal processes they were looking for a company that was offering a lasting solution. A first draft by Eidt-Ciriex suggested one EOT crane of 32 tons SWL to work together with a crane existing on site of 19 tons load capacity to lift the huge generators. However, when Eidt-Ciriex visited the site for further assistance another option was proposed: to use two wire rope hoists with 16 tons load capacity each on the same crane.

The customer decides – for ABUS Kransysteme

“This information and the new recommendation were really helpful because now it is possible to move the greater loads but also to simplify the work process in which the rotors are removed out of the huge motors” assures Mr Sergio Morales, CEO of Semage. One year on from the installation of the crane system Mr Morales is convinced he took the right decision. “The two wire rope hoists offer higher safety in the operation as well as an additional reduction in costs as the second crane remains available for other transport tasks” he adds. Mr Morales confirms that Eidt-Ciriex as well as the responsible agent at Curitiba showed great competence and advanced knowledge right from the first discussions of the project, throughout negotiations and the buying process, and all the way to delivery and installation. “This made us certain that we purchased a product that will provide safe and enduring service due to its quality” he assures.

New production – for Eidt-Ciriex

In March 2012 Eidt-Ciriex opened a new production site close to Porto Alegre to provide even better service for the market and the bigger companies present in Brazil. The production area has grown to about 3,000 square metres and the staff to about 100 in production and administration. Eidt-Ciriex is now able to respond to the needs of the customers in a faster and more efficient way. The new production plant makes it also possible to built greater EOT cranes with spans up to 40 metres.

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