HB suspended rail systems and ABUS EOT crane in pump factory

The company BOMBAS BOYSER (www.boyser.com) located in the Spanish Sant Feliu de Codines, north of Barcelona, was founded in 1993 and incorporated into the German group ProMinent GmbH in 2009. BOMBAS BOYSER export their products into more than 35 countries worldwide and they keep growing as they have right from their beginning.

BOMBAS BOYSER specialise in the production of volumetric pumps for the transport or dosage of fluids or, to be precise, they produce industrial peristaltic pumps and rotary lobe pumps with rubberised rotors.
The company also manufacture a whole range of accessories for these pumps and complete their range with the distribution of other pumping technologies which help to achieve their objective: “to offer each customer the most appropriate solution for their pumping and fluid control needs”.

Recently they relocated to a new location: this has greatly improved their staff’s wellbeing, not only because a lot of thought went into the design of the new premises but also because of the natural environment which provides the assembly area with fantastic views.

HB system at workplace in Bombas Boyser company HB Systems for Ergonomics at the Workplace in the Bombas Boyser Company Employee operates HB system with GM4 electric chain hoist ELV type single girder travelling crane with 5 t load capacity Single girder traveling crane with main girder structure by means of rolled section for large span width HB-System with electric chain hoist GM4 for faster work ABUS HB-System in production hall of Bombas Boyser in Spain Employee uses efficient HB system at workplace Employees use HB-System at the workplace in the assembly area HB system in the assembly area in Bombas Boyser company HB-System for more efficiency at the workplace

HB suspended rail systems were chosen as the solution to make work more ergonomic as well as more effective. The HB suspended rail system is based on a modular design that can be adapted to almost all space requirements and this is due, among other things, to the different options for suspensions and mountings of the cranes. A total of 3 EHB cranes have been installed in the assembly area: one for each workstation. The HB systems are mounted directly onto the rolled section girders of the building.

These HB systems include—among other components—an electric chain hoist of the ABUCompact GM4 series with a maximum load capacity of 630kgs. The main power supply via a protected AVKL line allows the best possible use of the cranes along the crane track. Trolley travelling is manual which makes it easy for the crane users to transport heavy loads with ease and speed. The installation of the HB systems has given the company great benefits: it has eased the efforts of the workers significantly by enabling them to carry out their work in a faster and more comfortable way and has reduced the physical effort required to move bulky and heavy loads from one workplace to another.

An ABUS single girder EOT crane of the ELV type was chosen to be installed in the area where goods are loaded and unloaded. This ELV crane has a SWL of 5 tonnes and a span of 3.5 metres. The main girder is designed as rolled section girder which allows spans of up to 18.5 metres to be built. This crane is fitted with an electric wire rope hoist GM1000 with a maximum load capacity of 5 tonnes. The crane system allows loads to be handled more quickly and efficiently and, at the same time, reduces the need for passageways and other space required by a forklift truck. As a result, the time spent on this type of work has been reduced as has the area required to carry out this type of activity.

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