Eighteen ABUS crane systems at a South African manufacturer of cabs and operator cabins

Morris Cranes, a Division of Morris Material Handling SA (Pty) Ltd (www.morris.co.za), a wholly owned South African company and the agent of ABUS Kransysteme GmbH in South Africa, has supplied a total of eighteen Double-Girder cranes to Efficient Engineering Pty Ltd.

Efficient Engineering: From humble beginnings to world class fabrication

Certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards, Efficient Engineering (www.efficient.co.za) is a world class steel fabrication, machining, manufacturing and heavy engineering works located in Johannesburg, South Africa, with more than 230 employees. Efficient Engineering has over 40 years of experience in this industry, and is capable of meeting local and international engineering expectations, regardless of the project.

From humble beginnings renting a 3 square meter bench in Ophirton, Johannesburg in 1968, Giuseppe Cimato established Efficient Engineering as a company specialising in the manufacture of cabs and operator cabins for forklifts and trucks. In 1983, Cimato’s son Tony joined the family business and finally took over the reins of the up-and-coming manufacturing business in 2000.

Sustainable company development

By 2006, the Sebenza operation eventually grew into a 4,000 m² facility. October 2006 saw the development of Phase I of Efficient Engineering’s newly established 6,300 m² headquarters in Elandsfontein. Increasing demand necessitated the construction of the company’s 4,200 m² Phase II Elandsfontein development at the end of 2008. By March 2009, the company established its 2,000 m² Phase III development. Various Morris / ABUS Double-Girder EOT Cranes were supplied on this project ranging from 20 ton to 100 ton .

Efficient Engineering is currently completing the construction of Phase IV and V of its expansion which—when in operation—will involve the company profiling its own steel. Efficient Engineering currently boasts a total manufacturing area of 21,800 m².

Crane is delivered to the company Efficient Engineering in Johannesburg, South Africa ABUS/Morris overhead travelling crane on its way to the production hall of Efficient Engineering in Johannesburg, South Africa Employees of Efficient Engineering in front of/on top of a newly delivered ABUS/Morris crane in Johannesburg in South Africa Overhead travelling crane with load capacity between 20 t and 100 t on truck in production hall of the company Efficient Engineering Crane with electric wire rope hoist in production hall where components for driver's cabs are manufactured the company Efficient Engineering uses double girder overhead travelling cranes with lifting capacity between 20 t and 100 t for the construction of driver's cabs

Morris / ABUS EOT Cranes in Ferrari Red

The supply of Morris / ABUS Cranes for Phases IV and V had load capacities between 10,000 kg and 100,000 kg. The equipment installed was:

2 off x 100/50 t x 25,000 mm span x 17,000 mm height of lift ZLK EOT Cranes
8 off x 50/25 t x 24,500 mm span x 14,000 mm height of lift ZLK EOT Cranes
4 off x 20 t x 22,000 mm span x 11,000 mm height of lift ZLK EOT Cranes
4 off x 10 t x 22,000 mm span x 11,000 mm height of lift ZLK EOT Cranes

The cranes were manufactured by Morris on the basis of ABUS Components. Each of the two centerpiece cranes is equipped with two hoists: the main hoist of 100 t of the double rail type as twin hoist version plus the 50 tons auxiliary hoist. All cranes and hoists were supplied with full length platforms on girders and platforms on the trolleys. These 2 cranes were painted in Ferrari red as the owner is an avid Ferrari fan.

The Morris / ABUS cranes are in use from the incoming goods department as well as in the production processes where machining and profiling machines are fed with the relevant materials used in the construction of the equipment supplied. Efficient Engineering now has a total of 27 Morris / ABUS EOT cranes on site.

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