191 overhead travelling cranes optimize the workflow at KraussMaffei

KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH has ordered a total of 191 cranes from ABUS Kransysteme GmbH. 131 were delivered for its new plant in Parsdorf near Munich, while the remaining 60 cranes went to Laatzen. These cranes support the internal flow of materials, loading and unloading tasks and assembly processes. The order comprises 147 travelling cranes and 44 jib cranes and HB light crane systems. The production process for one of these cranes was accompanied by photo and video recordings at the Gummersbach-Herreshagen plant and can be followed in three parts in our case study below.

Part 1

Innovative precision: from delivery to millimetre-precise cutting to length 

In this first part, we accompany the production of one of the cranes - a double girder overhead travelling crane with an impressive span of 22 metres and a load capacity of 80 tonnes.

From the delivery of the steel sheets to the precise production of the box girder - we show you how a powerful crane is made from raw material. Take a look and experience the fascinating production process at first hand!

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Part 2

Efficient technologies: Artistic painting and ultra-modern electrics of the overhead travelling crane

From the vibrant "daffodil yellow" paint finish, which not only provides colour but also corrosion protection, to the meticulous electrics, where each crane is individually configured. In this second part, discover the versatile technologies that go into the crane systems for KraussMaffei, from state-of-the-art control technology to tried-and-tested contactor controls. Transport is imminent and the crane will soon be making its way to Parsdorf.

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Part 3

Precision and safety: seamless transport and trouble-free assembly

Experience the conclusion of our series when the 80 tonne overhead travelling crane moves into KraussMaffei! Find out how this giant is transported from Gummersbach to Parsdorf to find its new home. Accompany us through the assembly process, where precision and safety are paramount. With 147 overhead travelling cranes and 44 jib cranes and HB light crane systems, the crane landscape at KraussMaffei is now ready to produce reliable machines for plastics processing. A look behind the scenes of an extraordinary partnership and technological achievement!

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