Motion limiters for electric chain hoists

Electronic hoist limiter

  • The electronic hoist limit switch ensures additional operational safety with two freely selectable switch-off points. The switch-off points for the highest and lowest hook position are individually programmable using a teach-in button in the pendant control. The lifting or lowering procedure is switched off in this direction of movement when the respective switch-off point has been reached.
  • Alternative: Hoist limit switch with two additional intermediate positions. Expanding the electronic hoist limit switch with two additional programmable switch-off points, between the top and bottom switch-off position. These can be travelled to as stop-and-go positions and then also passed over.
  • 48 V electronic control required

Clamping buffer

  • Use for parallel flange beam profiles of S 235 (oil and grease-free)
  • Suitable for trolleys with a maximum travel speed of 36 m/min.

Limit switch for trolley travel

  • Braking function to the slow trolley travel speed before reaching the end of the beam. The opposite travel movement is possible at the high travel trolley speed.
  • In addition to the braking function to low speed, there can be a subsequent shut down before reaching the end of the beam. The opposite travel movement at high speed is possible.
  • A contactor control is necessary as an additional piece of equipment.