Control system for electric chain hoists

Contactor control with 48 volt control voltage

  • The contactor control with 48 volt control voltage is equipped with modern, wear-free semiconductor technology - integrated into the chain hoist. This technology enables significant weight and space savings compared to conventional mechanical contactors.
  • When using the electronic control in a GM2 type chain hoist and electric trolley, the control is integrated into an additional housing attached to the chain hoist.

ABULiner Lifting/Lowering

  • For infinitely variable and gentle lifting, especially for the transport of sensitive goods made of glass, ceramics etc., or of bulky, long goods. The chain hoists equipped with the ABULiner also allow precise positioning during difficult assembly and joining procedures.
  • Additional safety: The equipment with a frequency converter includes an electronic hoisting switch-off with two freely selectable switch-off points, programmable using the pendant control