Power supply for suspended rails

Safety conductor KBH

  • The KBH designation is a compact, touch-safe, hollow-chamber profile which is corrosion-resistant, robust and easy to install.
  • The conductor system can be used as the main power supply along a crane track and supply several cranes on a rail with power. It can also be used along a main girder.
  • Using a conductor system means that the swept area of the crane installation can be fully used and no sagging flat cables from a conductor system cause any disturbance.
  • The conductor rail complies with VDE, European and international standards and regulations as well as health and safety regulations.
  • Deliverable for all suspended rail systems as a trolley and mains power supply

festoon cable system in separate C-rail

  • Power supply up to the trolley via a flat cable moving in a separate C-rail using cable carriers.
  • Using this power supply means that the swept area of the trolley can be fully utilised.
  • Deliverable for suspended crane types ZHB and ZHB-X as a trolley power supply