Operation for suspended rail systems

Mobile operation along the crane

  • The pendant control with two-stage push buttons is independently mobile along the crane, unaffected by the position the hoist is in
  • Recommendation relating to electric drives for the crane and trolley movement
  • Deliverable for suspended crane types EHB-X, ZHB and ZHB-X

Operational element on load hook

  • Deliverable for suspended rail systems without electric drives and with a maximum load capacity of 250 kg

Radio remote control

  • The radio remote control is supplied as a complete set: a light and ergonomic hand-held transmitter, a corresponding receiver, batteries, an inductive charging cradle with wall bracket, a protective case with shoulder strap and a belt clip.
  • The transmitter has a range of 50 metres.
  • A contactor control, a horn and a motion restrictor for each travel movement are required as additional equipment.
  • Deliverable for all ABUS suspended rail systems

The practical charging cradle inductively charges the batteries in the transmitter. This means that the tiresome task of removing the batteries from the transmitter is no longer necessary. The transmitter can remain in the protective case during the charging process. The charging cradle can be placed on an level surface or can be mounted on the wall using a bracket. The accessories for wall mounting are included in the delivery.

The ABURemote radio remote control uses standard batteries with a battery life of 40 hours each. This avoids the need for the time-consuming and expensive purchasing of special batteries.

Operating direction signs

Safety when operating cranes is a very important topic at ABUS. To ensure that the crane's travel direction is always clear, regardless of where the crane operator is standing, ABUS uses operating direction signs.

Especially during crane operation using a radio remote control, the indication of the travel direction is very useful so that the correct button can always be selected for the travel direction. Therefore, ABUS includes the operating direction signs in the standard scope of delivery for radio remote controls.

The signs are usually attached on the underside of the crane.

The symbols on the crane correspond exactly to those on the radio remote control or pendant control and are therefore unambiguous. The signs are magnetic. This means a later change of position or a retrofit is possible and this offers significant benefits compared to conventional adhesive signs.