ABUControl: Travelling and lifting profiles

ABUS cranes may be adapted to their individual applications via travelling profiles. Travelling characteristics of cranes with two fixed travel speeds will differ considerably from cranes controlled by frequency converters for example. Travelling and lifting profiles enable the cranes to be adapted to either current or desired crane operating situations. In case of existing cranes your crane operators will not have to adjust to something new but will much sooner experience increased productivity thanks to the additional crane system.

Two fixed speeds

The crane travels in either the maximum speed or with a slower speed if “two fixed speeds” is selected. You can set these two values yourself. Two fixed speeds are suitable for use in a production in conjunction with normal pole-changing cranes. You will enjoy the comfort of ABUControl while continuing to experience the crane travelling behaviour you are familiar with.

Infinitely variable

You accelerate the crane until you have reached the speed previously chosen in the travelling profile “infinitely variable”. You can also position the load slowly and sensitively at its destination. Acceleration and deceleration ramps are adjusted in the KranOS in dependence of requirements as are minimum and maximum speeds.

Proportional control

The profile “proportional control” utilises a special version of the ABURemote with infinitely variable joysticks resulting in a characteristic similar to the gas pedal in a car. The speed increases with the deflection of the joystick. In particular deceleration of the load unto a certain target point is very comfortable in this mode.

Setting of travelling and lifting profiles

Travelling and lifting profiles are selected in the KranOS. The profiles may be activated via WLAN by using tablets, notebooks or even smartphones. Acceleration and deceleration ramps are adjusted in the KranOS also and so are minimum and maximum speeds.

Availability of profiles

The settings “two fixed speeds”, “infinitely variable”, and “proportional” are available for all movements. The standard version does already include crane and hoist travelling. You may also choose and set the profiles for lifting if your crane is fitted with ABULiner.