ABUControl - Anti-sway control

The ABUS anti-sway control increases travelling comfort and safety when transporting goods in sensitive areas. This anti-sway system is based on mathematical calculations taking into account travelling speed, acceleration and deceleration, time lag of crane and hoist, the position of the hook, and the length of the load lifting attachments. Even persons using cranes infrequently will be able to transport goods safely with the assistance of the anti-sway system.

Operating principle of the anti-sway control

A mathematical model calculates from various parameters the swaying movement to be expected when speeds or directions are changing. The crane or the hoist will then receive an order to compensate for this movement. An experienced crane operator would carry out the same movement.

Activation via ABURemote

The anti-sway control is activated by using one of the softkeys. The length of the lifting tackle can be entered via the buttons “lifting” and “lowering”. This will then be included in the calculation of the anti-sway control. Once the anti-sway control has been activated it will remain active even if the crane remains inactive over a longer period of time.